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How do I apply for a course?

Step 1: Registration

If it is your first time to register this account, you will get a free trial of 1 year. Click on the button that says "Sign-up/login". Fill in the form and please choose for your package then click "Subscribe Now". Then check your email (including your spam or junk mail folder) for a message from the system that asks you to confirm your email address and account, and follow the directions in the email.

Note: Student package (Please ensure that you have selected the correct package)

Step 2: Login

Enter your e-mail address and password. Choose login as a student or teacher, then click the button "Sign In".

Step 3: Applying for a course

Click on the button "Search" then click "Subscribe" to any course that you want and it will show in the button "My Courses". 

Note: If you dont want that course, you can also click "Unsubscribe".

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